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Services for both Commercial and Residential

Services Provided

Electrical Fixture Installation

Whether it be adding pot lights in your living room or adding a fireplace to the master bedroom, Black Bull Electric can help you add any type of electrical fixture to your house. Some of our most popular requests have been lighting, outlets, and switches.

fuse/breaker replacement

When a fuse breaks or when a breaker need replacing, it creates a potentially dangerous situation for you if you try to fix it. Don't hurt yourself trying to save some money and let a professional replace it. 

Electrical issue troubleshooting

Like with everything, sometimes electricity just doesn't want to work with you. We are here to help you through your issue. Working with you to troubleshoot and solve the problem, we will ensure that the issue is solved and will not happen again.

remodelling projects

Making the house of your dreams means a bit of remodelling, and we want to be there to help you realize that dream. No idea is too extravagant, and we look forward to hearing them and creating a living space you are proud of.

And More

These are just a broad example of the potential services that Black Bull Electric could provide you, and are simply some of our most popular options we offer. We aim to make your service as personalized as we can and we will work around your needs. 

Commercial Electrical services

If you are looking for electrical services for a building or other commercial locations, please contact us regarding your request. We are experienced in numerous commercial services, and no request is too big.

Appliance installation

When you buy a new appliance like a dishwasher or fridge, the hard part is to install it. Rather than having to figure out how to do it yourself and  creating a mess of your new appliance, Black Bull Electric can help you install it for a low price.

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